It would seem that there is a fury of musicians behind Ford as she takes the microphone. A solo artist that creates magic through her abilities to loop blues, folk, rock ‘n’ roll and even reggae. It’s a sight to be seen, but even more so, something to be heard
— Bend Source
Loop Guru....Kristen Ford takes the one-man band concept in a totally different direction....letting her socially conscious songs speak for themselves...a rarer and less easily stereotyped phenomenon...Kristen Ford doesn’t sound at all like Tom Waits, Laurie Anderson or Tune-Yards, but she’s just as self-reliant.
— Colorado Springs Indepedent
Let Me In,” off her EP “Rend & Render,” is a showcase of what makes Ford such a compelling songwriter. The guitar and percussion — both played simultaneously by Ford, one-woman-band style — are understated. In the moment, it’s beautiful, even cathartic.
— Worcester Telegram
A one woman wrecking crew on stage
— Oscillate TV
We love a lot of music. A lot. But then there’s Kristen Ford. Authentic, crazy talented and a lot of fun.
— Exploit Boston
The singer mixes indie, folk, country and blues...using a looper to give her a full sound
— Amarillo Globe News
Kristen Ford is a storyteller. A few parts Kimya Dawson mixed with Tracy Chapman, Ford’s poetic lyrics take the listener on a ride like sonic pages of an epic biography. Through her travels she has gathered suitcases full of personal stories and experiences to translate into songs.
— Buzzbin Magazine
In the best possible way a genre train wreck, mixing the styles of reggae, indie, folk and disco into a frenetic musical fold. Pretend that Ani Difranco and Bob Marley had a child that goes bar hopping with Isaac Brock and you’ll have a pretty good idea of Ford’s sonic journeys
— Rochester City Paper
Acoustically brooding one moment, explosive and epic the next
— Ft Stockton Pioneer
Two guitars, a kick drum, a hi-hat, her own sharp-edged voice, and a rack of effects pedals create songs that started off surging and built to peak after emotional peak, interspersed with hilarious banter.
Layering guitar and guitar over voice and voice, driven by her propulsive drumming...brought the house down.
— New Haven Independent
Delightfully off-kilter, the singer/songwriter is anything but normal and predictable. And that’s why people love her.
— St Joseph News Press
Delight in her take on acoustic disco
— The Dig
[El Camino] With this ode to rock ’n’ roll and its ability to set one’s soul free, Ford escalates the music in a series of rises, each one plateauing into a screamed statement of defiance, until finally it all sort of crashes around the listener. It’s a sudden, breathtaking end to an engaging piece of music.
— Victor Infante, Worcester Telegram
Striking melodies, the strong musicianship and her honest direct lyrics, and you’ve got the real deal
— The Greenfield Recorder
Ambitious, complex, and incredibly musically diverse. Like an old muse, Ford uses, combines, and bends genres to her will. At times she appears bluesy, and soulful, belting out her lyrics carefully with every verse. Other times, she is pure rock and roll screaming with childish joy. Ford brings a welcome sincerity to the Indie scene
— The Deli
Eclectic mix of sounds, always with an incredible song structure
— The Loafer
Kristen is a true performer... lives for her music, adores her audience, and exudes passion and artistry.
— Kudos Magazine