The Official Website of one woman looper band, kristen Ford

Travel Songs is now out on The Nation of Love Records!

"Idealism" Official Music video, produced by Nation of Love Records, Directed by Violet Vonder Haar.

"Travel Songs" is out now on The nation of love records! for a limited time, $5 deluxe Digital downloads! Purchase yours today and take an 14 song journey around the world, through Kristen's crazy adventures, guided by some of Nashville's finest on guitar-drums-bass-pedal steel-trumpet-cello and so much more.

photo by Amber Thiessen 

photo by Amber Thiessen 

The Latest Studio Album "Rend & Render" is here! Now available for purchase and streaming on bandcamp , itunes spotify and more.
Acoustically brooding one moment, explosive and epic the next
— Fort Stockton Pioneer
Elevates indie rock
— Boston Herald
Loop Guru...Kristen Ford takes the one-man band concept in a totally different direction....letting her socially conscious songs speak for themselves...a rarer and less easily stereotyped phenomenon
— Colorado Springs Independent