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This October, Deirdre (Archivist Librarian) and Kristen (Musician) will volunteer in rural Bolivia for 5 weeks with the non profit BiblioWorks . BiblioWorks promotes education and literacy by building libraries, supplying books and training librarians in the poorest communities of Bolivia since 2005. Deirdre and Kristen will travel to 4-5 of Biblioworks libraries, conducting a cultural workshop. During the workshop, we will create songs with the children inspired by books. These books will be in both English and Spanish, and at a variety of reading levels. The paticipants will be given shaker eggs and a chance to play and sing along with our collectively written songs, as well as exposure to the acoustic guitar. We need your help to raise $3,700. These funds will go directly to cover travel expenses, teaching supplies, room and board, and the books and instruments which will be donated to BiblioWorks. Stories plus music creates a fun way to build literacy!

Official Music Video for the first single off the new record "Dinosaur". Please enjoy El Camino. Directed by Scott Foley.

Music video off the new record "Dinosaur" directed by Scott Foley. Please enjoy "Be Your Girl"

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The Latest twist off the full length DINOSAUR is here! Enjoy instrumentals and remixes from Chicago, Wyoming, Boston and Pittsburgh.